Chapter 116 is the 116th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Nam Gung-Hyun pokes his head out of the rubble and sees the gorilla creature sitting far away, motionless. He gestures for the other to come up as Jo Duk-Bae, Jin Tae-Jin, Park Il-Tae, and two others surface. It is revealed that Duk-Bae protected all the others from the blast of the gorilla which Tae-Jin chides him for, saying he could have handled the blast. Duk-Bae apologizes for meddling before dying from his injuries. One of the remaining members states that there are now only five of them left of the original twenty. It is at this moment that Tae-Jin and Il-Tae have their conversation about Il-Tae's family. The gorilla creature suddenly begins to move, so Tae-Jin engages it for round 2.