Chapter 114 is the 114th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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The RE Taekwondo Force travel into the tunnel the North Koreans were excavating and discover that they weren't hiding something, but keeping it from escaping.

Lee Eun-Do is running to the place Jin Tae-Jin directed him to go to when he notices that he has several laser sights on him. He is then shot many times by a North Korean stealth force.

As that same force diverges on the tunnel the RE Taekwondo Force are in, they come across a door. When they open the door, a giant blue gorilla beast appears and breaks Jo Duk-Bae's arm, something Tae-Jin never managed. Tae-Jin tells his force to go search for North Korean soldiers while he goes in the room and fights the gorilla that dons a head piece similar to what Jin Mo-Ri wears when he is in his Monkey King form. While Tae-Jin and the gorilla are fighting, the whole force sits and watches the fight through the crack of the door instead of following his orders as the North Korean force approaches them.