Chapter 113 is the 113th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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This chapter serves as a flashback to Jin Tae-Jin's background. 37 of 38 North Korean soldiers were killed in battle by the South Korean government and 1 was captured alive. They used this man to observe the North Korean fighting style and to create a fighting style that could combat it. After a few years, Tae-Jin fights the man and defeats him, perfecting Renewal Taekwondo. The man then tells Tae-Jin as he is dying to follow up on their promise to keep his family in North Korea safe. Tae-Jin realizes that the South Korean government promised the man his family's safety in return for his cooperation in training their soldiers; something the South Korean government denied promising.

Tae-Jin and the RE Taekwondo Force are sent to investigate a special energy reading in North Korea that they believe to be a nuke. They are tasked with recovering the item if possible or destroying it if recovering it becomes impossible.

The team gets to the area and begin looking into the area when they get surrounded by North Korean soldiers. They quickly dispatch of these soldiers before noticing a boy standing by nearby. Lee Geum-Do walks over to shoo the boy away who then stabs him through the chest while his guard is down. A whole squadron then appear and reveal themselves to be a Northern ITF Taekwondo force led by Moon Chun-Sik. Tae-Jin questions Chun-Sik about the man who made a promise with the South Korean government, revealed to be named Lee Soo-Hyuk, who Chun-Sik labels trash. Tae-Jin swiftly kills the entire group before grabbing Chun-Sik by the neck and chiding him for being weaker than the "trash." When Chun-Sik attempts to press a button to cause a detonation, Tae-Jin cuts off his hand before killing him. Tae-Jin then tasks Lee Eun-Do, Geum-Do's twin brother, with finding Soo-Hyuk's home and securing his family which Choi Do-Ha questions as it is against orders.