Chapter 112 is the 112th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Park Il-Pyo celebrates with Park Seung-Ah over her's and Park Seung-Min's healing. Kim Oong-Nyuh displays that even though she has reverted to a young child, she is still just as powerful, easily beating up Ma Bo-Ra. She then tells Jin Mo-Ri that because she hadn't slept enough, she wasn't able to bring those that died back to life. However, she does tell him that Jin Tae-Jin was still alive as she could detect his life force. Mo-Ri then collapses out of exhaustion and goes to sleep. Oong-Nyuh then approaches Il-Pyo and tells him that he must go find the remainder of the parts of his key so that he can break the taboo on humans. She explains that the Gods created a taboo on humans, making them unable to harm gods, out of fear of the abilities of humans. A person with the key is someone that can bring the gods down to humans, breaking the taboo. She then explains that she's not sure if Mo-Ri is also a key. He must recover his memories which she says will be in a gourd that are tied to his clothing. He can find these in Dongseungsinju Oraeguk, the place he was born.

Judge O summons Changsik who has been reborn as a hatchling.

Na Bong-Chim visits Jeon Jae-San's grave where he talks with Seo Han-Ryang. Han-Ryang tells him that he plans to train Mo-Ri when he wakes up.

Park Mu-Bong plans to help rebuild Seoul to improve his standing so that he can eventually become president of Korea. He tells Judge R that he is a very important to his rise.

Jin Tae-Jin is seen chained up, missing his arm.

Mo-Ri sleeps for three months. After the three months, Korea celebrates the man has brought them back from destruction, Sang Man-Duk. Judge R is seen clapping in the back, indicating that he was the traitor Mu-Bong had discussed beforehand and that he might have had a hand in Man-Duk rising into power.