Chapter 110 is the 110th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Park Mu-Bong stops the oncoming tidal wave using his Borrowed Power before questioning what Jin Tae-Jin had raised, referring to Jin Mo-Ri. He then explains to Judge P that Jeon Jae-San took all the nuclear missiles that were incoming and broke them down into components. From there, he recombined them into a non-nuclear bomb before shielding the stadium. His plan was to use the meteor to smash into the bomb, blowing up the rest of Seoul and the angel with it, but because of the people down below the stadium, he took the shield down so that they wouldn't get caught in the explosion.

Greed begins to take over Taek Jae-Kal's body, forming a monstrosity similar to the one Jeon Ju-Gok transformed into. The bodies of all those Jae-Kal absorbed appear as Greed begins absorbing all its surroundings. Mu-Bong gets into contact with Mo-Ri using Judge P's Borrowed Power to tell him that he needs to destroy the head of the monster so that Jae-San's sacrifice would not be in vain. Before being able to use his Ruyi Jingu or Kinto-Un however, Mo-Ri's headband began to shrink due to his exhaustion, making him unable to use his Monkey King artifacts. With help from Yu Mi-Ra, Han Dae-Wi, Park Seung-Ah, Park Seung-Min, and the newly awakened Park Il-Pyo, Mo-Ri is able to launch a Jin Mo-Ri Original: The Kick of Blue Dragon. However, dozens of hands suddenly burst out of Greed's mouth to stop the attack. When all watching begin to think that the attack failed, Greed suddenly begins to turn into stone. The already dead Jeon Ju-Gok used his Borrowed Power, Mage, to destroy the monster. Jae-San smiles at his grandson's final act as he passes on.

Jae-Kal awakes to himself being consumed by Greed. He cries out for help before wondering why it was that he was begging for life. Il-Pyo appears to take his hand but Jae-Kal immediately pulls his hand away telling Il-Pyo to go and live his life before he is completely consumed by Greed.