Byun Jae-Hee
Byun Jae Hee
Vital Statistics
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Brazilian Jujitsu
Level 8
HP 940
GP 25
Current Status
Occupation Failed G.O.H. Participant
Debut Chapter 5

Byun Jae-Hee is one of the participants of G.O.H Tournament's metropolitan regionals.


Jae-Hee has purple spiky hair and is usually listening to music.


Byun Jae-Hee has a very daring and brave personality and countered Jin Mo-Ri's techniques by taking them on rather than dodging them. He is very proud of his strength and likes to taunt his opponents.


A Round With God

Jae-Hee was seen in the G.O.H Tournament's Metroplitian regionals. During the preliminaries, he easily passed after knocking out a boxer, using his grappling techniques.

Because of Jin Mo-Ri attacking Gang Man-Suk and defeating him, Jae-Hee was able to pass without needing to fight much.

In the semi-finals Jae-Hee faced Jin Mo-Ri, who was actually supposed to be his first opponent. Jae-Hee showed great tactical skill, by figuring out how to dodge Mo-Ri's 3rd Stance Hwechook, but Jae-Han is still defeated by Mo-Ri's strongest technique, Dragon Sign Hwechook.


Jae-Hee makes a brief appearance fighting against Yu Mi-Ra, for the third spot of the Metropolitan Area Team. He is defeated quit easily, by Mi-Ra.


Byun Jae-Hee is a strong fighter trained in Brazilian Jujitsu and was able to stop Jin Mo-Ri's techniques, which utterly defeated Gang Man-Suk. He uses different kinds of grappling techniques to fight and make an opponent submit or knock them out. He also seems to be very smart as he countered the third stance Hwechook simply by looking at it once.

Martial Arts

Brazilian Jujitsu

Mounting Position: A fighter sits on the stomach of an opponent who is lying down face up. This is a very advantageous position for a fighter to be in.