Baedal Choi, also known as Masutatsu Oyama, is the Charyeok of Sugihara Oyama.


It takes the appearance of the legendary karate master, Baedal Choi.


Baedal Choi increased the power of Sugihara Oyama's strikes. Its full power is shown to be able to divert the course of copy of Ruyi Jingu and defeating charyeok user who use Bruce Lee.


  • Breaking Hundred Bricks: A simple tameshiwari (art of breaking with empty hand) with a enough strength to break hundred bricks.
  • Cutting Bull's Horn: An open-fisted, diagonal chop to the head.
  • Death Blow: a technique that can be performed by contractor of this charyeok. As the name implied it was a one hit K.O./ Kill.


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