Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Wrestling
Level Unknown
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Current Status
Affiliation Team South Africa
Debut Chapter 217

Azizi is a member of Team South-Africa competing in the G.O.H. World Championships.


He is an extremely large black man, noticeably larger than most of those around him. He dons skull like face paint and wears a blue shirt with grey pants. He also has noticeable cauliflower ears obtained from wrestling.


He volunteers to fight Han Dae-Wi second after the leader of his team is defeated in surprising fashion. However, unlike what some spectators predict, he proves to be no match for Dae-Wi as he is quickly dispatched after only two hits.


Not much is known about Azizi's abilities, but he is a strong fighter, as one of the South-Africa representatives. He's main fighting style is wrestling.

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