Asura is the Charyeok of Romario Traviola .


As the name implied, it takes the most iconic form of Asura, a race of divine beings in Indian mythology. It takes the form of three headed, six armed God. One of its head has a rather long red hair while the rest are bald.


Asura is said to be one of the most powerful charyeok in the world, granting his user numbers of abilities

  • Mind Control: Asura grant the user mind control ability through voice.
  • Energy Beam: Asura gives the user the ability to shoot an energy beam out of his mouth.
    • Shockwave: The energy beam can be transformed into an omnidirectional shockwave which can serve as a defense.
  • Attack Reflection: Asura gives the user the ability to absorb and reflect attacks aimed at him. So Far the only attacks he can't reflect is Chang Sik's Dragon Breath.
  • Body Transformation/partial shapeshifting: Asura gives the user the ability to transform part of his body to suit the situation.

The Original Way Of Borrowing Power: When the user break the taboo the gods placed on him, he gained access to the original system of power borrowing used in Kim Oong-Nyuh's era. With it he is able to transform himself into a monstrous being resembling a centaur. So far he's shown to have a very powerful regeneration. He hasn't been seen to be affected by the price of using this type of charyeok.