Alias Fake Il-Pyo
Age Unknown
Species God
Fighting skills
Level Unknown
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Affiliation 6th Floor Owner
Debut Chapter 230 (as Park Il-Pyo)

Chapter 239 (True Form)

Arpeggio is an apostle residing on the 6th floor of the Skyscraper.


Arpeggio is a massive, anthropomorphic white tiger that has eight crab legs extending from his back. He wears a giant pair of jean shorts.


Arpeggio is very confident in his abilities as made evident by his lack of fear towards Jin Mo-Ri initially.


Arpeggio is first seen on the 6th floor of the Skyscraper disguised as Park Il-Pyo. He is fending off crab creatures when Jin Mo-Ri finds him. He attempts to take advantage of Mo-Ri's trust in Il-Pyo to attack him but is stopped. It is not until later in the floor when Mo-Ri unties his kidnapped followers that Arpeggio reveals his true form to Mo-Ri. They engage in a brief battle that Mo-Ri wins before Arpeggio is grabbed by his master, Pralltriller, who had just revealed himself. While still in his master's grasp, he watches on in awe as Mo-Ri quickly and easily kills his master.


Arpeggio must be very powerful as he had become an apostle which means he had defeated the Gatekeeper. Additionally, he manages to fight Jin Mo-Ri and not get killed in the fight.

Transformation: His ability to transform into other living species is as of yet unexplained, but he seems to know the past and memories of those he transforms into.


  • Both Apreggio and Pralltriller are named after types of musical techniques.