Aldon Ski
With Helmet | Without Helmet
Aldon Ski 2
Vital Statistics
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Level Unknown
Charyeok Koniecpolski
HP Unknown
GP Unknown
Weapon Kopia (National Treasure)
Current Status
Affiliation Team Poland
Debut Chapter 223

Aldon Ski is the leader of Team Poland competing in the G.O.H. World Championship.


Aldon Ski is a very tall man with long, curvy, silver hair. Most of the time however, he is seen with his helmet on. He dons a suit of armor as well as two "wings" on his back.


He is a very respectful man who doesn't wish to harm his opponents when his helmet is removed. However, upon putting his helmet on, his personality changes to that of a crude, insulting man who aims to mock and damage his opponents.


He is first seen single-handedly defeating Team Vatican. When it is his turn to fight Hui Mo-Ri, he begins the fight with bursts of speed that Mo-Ri can't keep up with. However, after Ski has unveiled his National Treasure, Kopia, Mo-Ri gets used to his movements and destroys the National Treasure. Realizing the strength of his opponent, Ski turns to his charyeok Koniecpolski to fight Mo-Ri, who destroys it and his armor in one hit.


Aldon is shown being very strong, defeating Team Vatican single handedly.

Superhuman Speed: Aldon has shown amazing speed, with Paul of Team Vatican even claiming he was faster than the members of Team Korea, although this is possibly an overestimation.

Superhuman Strength: Aldon is far stronger than an average human, being able to smash Paul in to the area with great force.


Aldon Ski 4
Koniecpolski: The exact abilities of Aldon's Charyeok are unknown, but it could be the reason for his speed.

National Treasure

Kopia: Aldon's National Treasure is a spear. It's abilities are largely unknown, but it likely enhances the user's power.